green_eyes713 (green_eyes713) wrote in deprivedartists,

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heres one of my poems not one of my best but it helps me let me vent or w/e

Match that taunts
and I see the flame
Skin that blisters
it makes me feel calm
It makes the real pain a distant memory
but in truth its a scary reality
the scars, the blisters
are there to remind me
there has to be a better way,any other way
so i will cope and i will heal
and i will blow out the flame
hoping it will stay extinguished
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its good. A- when you say "there has to be another way,any other way." put the "any other way" below it and forget the comma. good job.
ok you seem scary like you have a messed up life or something. thats like scary dude. i'm just so like Wow-ed... anyways i give it a C for Crazy!

-beth who rocks